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Shooting Better Video

How to Shoot Better Video

Shooting Video – Overview

  1. Start with the end in mind
  2. Work from a script, storyboard or written plan
  3. Think like an editor
  4. Don’t be afraid to try stuff
  5. Always overshoot
  6. Get it in the can even if you don’t use it

The Camera

  • Lens definitely affects  the look of images
  • White balance every time your lighting changes
  • Learn what color temperatures are and mixing indoor and outdoor light
  • Consider the media format
  • Learn the functions of your camera and when to use them

The Support

  • Use tripods because three legs are better then two
    • Head and ball
    • Weight
    • Lighting is Critical
      • 3 point basic lighting
      • Avoid windows and outdoor light
      • Layers of light
      • Color temperature 3200K indoor and 6800K outdoor
      • Backlight creates separation
      • Diffusion and dimmers
      • Dolly tracks, Jibs, Stedi-cam
      • Monitoring


      • Microphones
        • Types – Cardioid,  Uni-directional, Omni-directional, Figure 8
        • Booms
        • Natural sound – camera mic
        • Sound effects
        • Music is very important to emotional response and mood


        • Rule of 3rds
        • Juxsta position – what’s that funny hat you’re wearing?
        • Distance – from camera to subject to background
        • Angles are Powerful to the subconscious
        • Cover Shots and Cut-Away – B Roll

        Directing Crew and Talent

        • Courtesy
        • Patience
        • Explain and Demonstrate
        • Uncertain – Check the take right now, while still set up for the shot

        Green Screen & Compositing

        • Use for compositing one image over others
        • Most Important is even lighting on green background
        • Put a good amount of distance been subject and green background
        • Keying
        • Titles and Text

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