Las Vegas, NV

Sam Seegars Video Creator

I’m been making videos and commercials since 1985. Please check out the different clients and TV spots spanning more than ten years on this site. Please feel free to comment. There are many funny stories that go along with the experience of making each of these commercials and videos. would trade anything for all the wonderful times I have had the opportunity to create. Some of these are my “golden oldies” made when I was a producer/director/editor/writer for cable television advertisers. There are more recent videos under “The Work”.  In almost all of these, I did it all and some of them I worked with a camera assistant/audio person. The Goodman spots had bigger crews. I directed many talent and crew members including lighting, grips, audio engineers, makeup artists and other collaborators. All the editing has been done by me on various systems including Final Cut Pro, Media 100, discreet edit, autodesk smoke, and old fashion linear editing too.

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