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At age 14, Samantha Seegars fell in love with broadcast production. She was introduced to the thrill of radio and television while attending Dobyns-Bennett High School, in Kingsport, Tennessee. Sam began producing programs for the school’s FM radio station and took advantage of the closed circuit TV facility. She spent many hours mixing with turntables, cart machines, live announcers and mastering on reel to reel. Dozens of her themed radio programs have been played back, over the years, on WCSK 90.3FM.  Sam also performed as an on-air DJ from time to time.
In 1985, during Sam’s senior year, she participated in a paid cooperative education program. Sam attended school for a few hours a day and worked part time in the audio-visual services department at Eastman Kodak. She expanded her knowledge and experience quickly in the areas of television studio production, field production, creating slide-tape programs, and video editing.
Upon graduation from high school, Sam immediately attained a position at WJHL-TV, a CBS affiliate in Johnson City, Tennessee, where she worked full time and began full time study at East Tennessee State University. Starting at the entry level position of studio camera operator and graphics person, Sam quickly worked her way up to directing and technical directing of the daily 6pm newscast. After three years of news, and during her final year of college, she returned to do another stint of cooperative education with Eastman Kodak in what had become Eastman Business Television. After graduating with a B.S. in Mass Communication in 1990, Sam moved to Knoxville, Tennessee and worked as a freelance camera operator on The Nashville Network’s, Club Dance at the Whitehorse Café for approximately 150 episodes.
In early 1992, Sam moved to Las Vegas and secured a position at KVVU Fox5 as second shift post production editor. At that time, we were all still living in the linear world of editing and KVVU was a first class post house under the direction of John Harker. Without John, Sam says, she may never have gotten a chance in the Las Vegas market.

During her first year in Las Vegas, Sam began to foster a reputation of excellence in production and client service. She edited numerous direct response television commercials and promotions while working at KVVU. In 1993, cable was calling and Sam moved into a start-up production coordinator position at Prime Cable. Alongside her mentor, Casey Roberts, Sam worked with hundreds of advertising clients. She was producing, directing, editing, shooting, lighting, mixing, writing and doing literally anything creative to get cable clients results from their television commercials. She created hundreds of commercials seen throughout Las Vegas over a ten year period. In 1995, Sam and her team won the “Best of Show” award from WIC Electronic Media Awards in Las Vegas. Through the years and transition to Cox Communication, Sam served as Production Manager and built an award winning team of producers, shooters, editors, and writers, while dramatically upgrading cable’s production facilities and capabilities. During those years, the transition was made from linear to non-linear editing. Sam quickly became well versed in new technology and techniques.

Editing on Autodesk Smoke at LMM

In 2005, Sam was on hand when Tom Letizia’s wish was to bring his television production in-house at Letizia Ad Team. Sam joined the team and began building a first rate production facility for Letizia. Currently, you will find Sam editing and shooting on a daily basis to create impactful television advertising for Letizia’s niche clients, the automotive dealers. If you watch television in Las Vegas, it’s guaranteed, you have seen Sam’s work. She serves clients nationwide with the fastest and most compelling commercial production imaginable.
Sam has also produced video programming in cooperation with Marlene Adrian and Women of Diversity. These videos include, Nevada’s First Ladies, Woman Suite, Remembering Nevada Women, Sarah Winnemucca, Shade Tree Shelter Fund Raiser, and The 7 Most Powerful Women in Las Vegas. Also, Sam produced the first gay and lesbian television show in Las Vegas, Out Here, which aired for six months in 1998.
Now, Sam is carefully studying and gaining knowledge of our newest and most powerful form of mass communication, the internet. Sam believes the internet is the greatest medium for mass communication of all time. She is dedicated to the mastery of every form of electronic mass communication.

At the end of 2011, Sam launched her own company, New Method Marketing to assist clients in gaining customers through online marketing. Now she is producing videos for websites, commercials, social media pages, online advertising campaigns and websites for clients.

Sam owns and manages over 250 websites and domains.

For fun, she plays league 9-ball pool and you can find Sam around the poker rooms of Las Vegas enjoying tournament World Series of Poker Main Event 2006. She has competed in the World Series of Poker Main Event twice, a few other WSOP events and in the Ladies Event.

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